Sun, 26 Feb 2006
To our Smokey Creek fans
Thanks again for all your support. We always have a great time when we come to Smokey Creek. We all missed you, Bocephus. When we get used to seeing familiar faces, we can really tell when someone is not there. Thanks also to all those who buy (and wear) our T-shirts!
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get to the next places you play
tell us how to get there and what we have to do to get in and how much it is to get in

Dabbie an Kim Sorry can't make it this mo nth have a Little BOYthat has a BIRTHBAY that we will be with him tonite, will try to see you al l next time LOVE HANK allen MAY 27.06 
Posted by hank allen

great time this weekend
thanks for the great weekend see you guys next month i hope love you all
Posted by sherry

It was great to see and hear you.Sorry I missed you at Statesville the last time you were there.I could kick myself.Sorry!The band sounded great even though you were missing one of the original members.Just wanted to let Chris know he sounded great.Can't wait to hear him on bass.I like when you bring some of the oldies(ones you have not did in a while)back.I really had a great time!God bless and have a safe week traveling.We love you!
Posted by janie

sorry no cake this time the girl is out of town but will try try to get one neyt time around hope to see you all at smokey creek love?

It was hard to find an empty space to dance.The band did a great job.I hope you know how much people enjoy your music.Chris did a great job on Keith Urban's song and I love "Love Shack". Sorry Debbie had to work so much, but she still did an awesome job. I want to thank all of you for being so friendly to the fans. Love all of you and have a safe and wonderful July 4th.????
Posted by janie

Thanks Janie
Again thank you Janie for the sweet comment. Yes I did have to work some very long hours the night before but playing in the band is my relaxation. Its the thing I love doing the most. We are so happy that when we play Newton that it is usually a packed house.The fans are so kind to us and make us know that we are appreciated and it makes us work harder to make you all happy.We are off for 2 weekends now. We hope to see you at the beach blast in Kings Mountain. Stay safe and we will see you soon.
Posted by Debbie

sing a song by request
kim do you know the song of k.t. oslen of do ,ya. still love me if so, would you please sing it for gary corene p,s,if nothing happens they have set a date JULY ,4 2007 no big thingjust a short one corene myers love

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