Tue, 13 Oct 2009
Crimson Rose Band now has its own Facebook page if you would like to become a fan. Just log in to Facebook and enter Crimson Rose Band in the search box. Two results will come up, click on the one with our picture. The ? one was a test page. Debbie has posted some new pictures. We hope to see lots of our friends on our page!
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100 Fans
My cousin, Wayne, became our 100th fan on Facebook. We would like to thank all our fans who have joined so far. We would like to see lots more on there!
Posted by Kim

Happy New Years to you all. We are going to try and come see you soon. Jeff and Brenda
Posted by Jeff Elmore

Hello Stranger
Jeff, it is good to hear from you. I saw that you are also on our Facebook page as a fan. We have missed seeing you and would love for you and Brenda to come to some of our gigs!
Posted by Kim

Thank you
Hello to the greatest band east and west of the Carolina Mountains, hell that includes the entire globe. This is Paul, thank you for doing more than playing music, this means acknowledging individuals in croud of fans with eye contact. When I have seen various groups perform; such as, Doobie Brothers, Beach Boys, Chicago, they played great music like Crimson Rose; and also, look into the eyes of individuals enjoying the show. I even think of Golfing greats like Jack Nicklaus and Arnie Palmer, they could play great golf, along with making eye contact with individual spectators... best wishes, and I look forward to Crimson Rose playing for Highlighers and Zodiac Clubs of Charlotte, and anywhere else I can put in my schedule...Paul Jamison

Thank You!
Thank you, Paul, for your nice comments about our band. We love to include the fans as part of our show because we know that without them, there would be no Crimson Rose. We are humbled that you compare us with the CLASSIC bands (especially Chicago, which is Rick Terry's FAVORITE band)! Feedback like yours is so encouraging to all of us. We look forward to seeing you at the gigs!

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