Wed, 19 Apr 2006
Welcome to our newest band member!
We have a new member in Crimson Rose. His name is Chris White, and he lives in Shelby. You may recall seeing him fill in for Rick on the drums on occasion. He is our new bass guitar player. He is a lot of fun, and is a valuable addition to the band. Welcome, Chris!
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I wanted to welcome chris white to the band he is an awsome bass and drum player you did really good at smokey creek. Hope to get to here you sing soon.You are a really great addition to the band hope you last a long. Good Luck!!!!

great time
had a great time glad to meet the new member of the family hope you stay around a long time. you guys did great love, Sherry

Newton,Saturday,August 5
I am enjoying all the CDs'.My favorite is still Mony Mony,I think the fans love it too.I'm very glad to hear you got an award,you deserve it!All the band sounded great and enjoy you going back doing some of the old songs.Wish all of you the best.Stay safe in your travels. Mary, it was good to see you.Thanks for providing us with a good variety of music.Love each of you!
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Silver Spur,Love Valley,Aug.11
W i l d l i f e G r o u p t h a n k s y o u f or making us feel special. Hope to bring more fans next time.Love the western setting.The own ers were very glad we came.I think all that were there had a great time.Sorry we had to leave early.Hope you all got home safely. It was a bad n ight to be out and I know you have a long way to travel.Hope Saturday goes well. Wish I could be there!Pray you each have a great week. Looking forward to Friday at Statesville.Thank you as al ways for a wonderful night of music and fellowsh ip.God Bless! Enter Validation Code: *  
Posted by janie

I was so glad Millie was there Saturday night it was like old times.You know we both love all of you. I enjoyed the last set,several songs you haven't did in a long time.Seems like one of your members thinks he doesn't have to sing any more since Chris joined the band.I wonder who that could be? Hope you all have a safe and blessed week.Love all of you!
Posted by janie

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