Fri, 24 Oct 2008
Website changes and new pictures
I am in the process of making some changes to our website and have added some new pictures. Dusty, I am sorry it took me so long to get your picture on here, but I finally had some extra time. The 2009 schedule will be posted before too much longer. We thank all our fans for their continued support, and always welcome any comments on our site... Kim
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good beach music
love yall ronnie cant wait until yall are back in kings mountain again at the park
Posted by nancy

Hello Crimson Rose!
Looking forward to seeing you again at the next Charlotte Highlighters or Zodiac dance. You're the best band they book. The band at the last dance I went to was so bad, I just sat there and sobbed, "Oh, how I wish Crimson Rose was here!" The caterer served meatballs, and I started to get two extra ones to stuff in my ears. Have mercy! Hope you all are doing well. See you at the Legion! Pat

stuffers #1 fan
u guys r great
Posted by sandy

Thanks For a Great Time!
I had a wonderful time at the last Charlotte Zodiac dance. The music was great, the vocals were wonderful, and the band's whole performance and timing were excellent. You were really rocking that room on "Mustang Sally." Thanks again for making the evening so special for us.

We really enjoyed you at Louie's over the weekend. Hope we can work out something so you can play again! Thanks, Wilma and Roger

good lucky we need ya'll back in kings mountain beach blast we missed yall this year got to get on ellis and make him let yall come back .

I was very sorry to hear about Ronnie last night.Noticed when I came in last night he wasn't there monitoring the band setting up.Commented to the couple that sits next to me,he must be sick.Thank you Kim for letting me know,a prayer went up as soon as you left the table.Sorry I haven't been as loyal a fan as I use to be.Will explain later.I have put in a call to Millie,to let her know.Praying God will be with the band at this time and especially Ronnie.I did call this morning,spoke with him.Just wanted to let him know I missed him.Love you all and thanks always for the special songs.God's love and blessing to ecah of you.Please know I am always here for you. Love ya!
Posted by janieseitz

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