Sat, 19 Jan 2008
Happy New Year 2008 to all our fans!
The members of Crimson Rose would like to thank all our fans for the great support you have given us. We look forward to another good year, and we welcome any comments that you would like to leave on our website. Thanks again for all your support. We would be nothing without all of you!
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the best band
the best band in north carolina and great friends to have just like family we all come together for each other
Posted by sherry

What type of music do you play?
Posted by Brenda

Reply to Brenda
We play a variety of music, including disco from the 70s, country, beach, southern rock, and blues. We also have a 50s set where we dress in 50s attire. Our fans like the fact that we play such a wide variety of music. Thank you for your interest, and I hope I have helped you.
Posted by Kim

What A Great Time!
I was so happy to see and hear you guys last Friday night at the Highlighters dance! I hadn't been to the last two dances there because the bands just cannot compare to Crimon Rose! You always put 110% into everything you do. Kim and Debbie, your vocals were excellent, and my friend was so tickled to dance with Rick when he came out on the dancefloor. I miss Ric and hope he will return. Have a great time until I see you at the next dance!!

Nice website. Great to see you all are still playing. It was very nice talking to you today debbie. Tell rick will try to call in a few days. Busy chasing around our 2 year old son. He keeps us really busy. I think back sometimes at all the fun times we all used to have. I miss you guys. You all were very good friends and still are. Mike,Donna and Brandon
Posted by mike press

Check us out
For all of our fans, you can check us out on you tube now. Just go to and type in Crimson Rose. You will see our live performance at the Kings Mountain 5 Alive concert series that we did on May23rd. Hope you all enjoy it!

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